Adam Alsegård

Programmer, Filmmaker, Nerd, Person


I am a Master of Science student in Media Technology/Software Engineering at Linköping University (Campus Norrköping), Sweden. I spent my fourth academic year as an exchange student at the National University of Singapore but now I am back in Sweden again studying my fifth and final year at LiU. I am currently looking for a company to do my Master thesis at!

I'm a huge film nerd, both watching and making them. The latter something I got to try while studying film-making in Stockholm for a year before starting University. The main reason I chose the MT program was actually film and the possibility to work with animated movies after graduation. So it should come as no surprise that computer graphics is another big passion of mine!

However, I'd never programmed before starting MT so it took some time to get comfortable but now I love it, especially to get visual results from the code you write. That's why another passion of mine is to write code that's fast (why not parallel), well structured and gives a visual result! I'm very interested in the user experience in the digital world!

When I'm not coding I like to distribute my time between different projects and organizations as well as playing basketball or relaxing with a good book. This website's purpose is to present both my coding projects but also my other commitments. Hope you enjoy it!

If you think any of these projects sound interesting and you want to know more, please drop me a message! The same applies if you have a project, internship or summer job that you think I would be interested in! Or if you just want to say hi!


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So this was me!

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